What are my rights as the tenant?

Having a healthy relationship with your owner is possible! At least, if you know your rights and duties as tenants.

Claimly Team
September 12, 2022

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Expert Tip:

Having a healthy relationship with your owner is possible! At least, if you know your rights and duties as tenants.

There we have it. Due to these societal shifts, people in their 20s don’t feel like real adults because they haven’t reached traditional milestones. Therefore, they don’t often associate themselves with the noun ‘adult’ just yet. But sometimes, they’re forced to behave as adults – that’s where the verb ‘adulting’ comes in.

People in their 20s have to do adult-like actions sometimes, but aren’t used to doing them all the time. According to a topic model analysis by Megan Risdal, when people tweet about ‘adulting’ on Twitter, they most often refer to temporary actions that make them feel like adults, such as paying down loans, signing a lease for their first apartment, and figuring out taxes. When they temporarily do these adult activities, they often feel younger than their actions.

The bottom line

So why is adulting trending? Because so many millennials relate to this feeling of temporarily acting as adults, but not feeling like a complete adult.

But it’s pretty clear that the rise of the word ‘adulting’ is more than just a temporary fad – this phenomenon doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. The average age of marriage is still on the rise, and it’s becoming more socially acceptable to stay in your parents’ home past college.